Manual and Movement Therapy

Who do you see for your aches, pains, and injuries?

So You Would Like To Know How We Get Our Amazing Results ?

We take each client, one at a time. We learned several years ago, that proper assessment and treatment requires time and precision.

You will not see us tending to 2, 3, or 4 clients at a time. When we are with you, we are 100% focused on you. I mean, how realistic is it, to start a treatment with a client, then leave the room and go and treat another client, at the same time ?

Over the last 18 years in our clinical practice we have lost count of the number of clients who tell us that they have complete confidence with our treatments. It’s very encouraging to know that we are meeting our clients’ expectations.

First and foremost, everyone who leaves our clinic, leaves knowing that they are in the best possible hands they can be in.

Whether we assess you, treat you, and provide you with advice that is tailored exactly to your needs, or, we assess you and refer you to an allied healthcare professional, you will feel absolutely confident that your body is being treated, as if it was our own.

With this approach, you know that you can expect complete resolution of your aches, pain, and injuries quickly and effectively.

Unfortunately, the treatment skills and techniques that fresh students leave college with are barely useful in the real world.

Let me ask you this question. Do you believe that standards in most areas of society are gradually sliding down a slippery slope? If you answered ‘yes’, Health Education is no exception –

The services that we offer are the result of realising, very early on, that there is no one, single ‘secret weapon’ against your aches, pains, and injuries … it is a mutli-pronged attack. Fast, effective treatments requires an experienced therapist that has a toolbox full of “secret weapons”.

The health industry is still riddled with therapists and businesses that claim to have cure-alls and a quick fix, to every type of injury, disease, or dysfunction.

This is why we at Sydney Massage Time are continually seeking to learn and grow. We became disillusioned with health education in Australia several years ago, so, we began teaching and developing educational workshops, seminars, conferences, and webinars for students who needed help, for healthcare professionals, and especially for our clients.

Our commitment to your health does not stop once you leave our clinic.

We often give our clients two treatment choices.

1. Come to our clinic, take some treatment, learn some simple take-home corrective strategies, fine-tune your program, and manage most of your aches, pains, or injury from the comfort of your own home.

You only need to attend to see us as part of a scheduled ‘maintenance program’ or when you feel that things ‘just aren’t right’ … we can teach you special techniques to assess yourself when it’s time to come and see us.

2. Come to our clinic, take some treatment, do very little at home, and come back and see us sooner. It’s a catch-22 for us.

As much as we enjoy treating our clients, our ultimate goal is not to see you. Why ? Well, if we are seeing you all the time, that means that we have either not done our job properly or you aren’t doing your preventative strategies between treatments.

What we can guarantee you is:

• You will be buzzing when you leave our clinic – in fact, people say they feel 10 years younger !

• You will be very aware of things moving and changing in your body

• You will feel safe in knowing that you have found the therapist, that everyone talks about

Continually learning and growing through enthusiasm with the ever changing industry to bring you a more thorough assessment and treatment

Our Mission

To make life easier for those who are held back by life’s aches, pains and injuries.

Our simple proven techniques empower people to enjoy life by moving and functioning pain free with confidence